Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bibliophilia and Real Estate

A retired professor couple moves to NYC and the main consideration is: Is there room for the books?

The whole thing's worth the read, but the last bit is priceless. Maybe now my wife will realize that I'm not the only guy like this:

...Now, Mr. Cole has a secluded study with its own window, though a brick-wall view. He sold or gave away 5,000 books. While setting up the remaining 10,000, he forgot how heavy books are. He stacked them on the mattress, which hasn't been the same since....

Mr. Cole is often asked whether he has read all those books. His answer: Of course not. But, "I think I have at one time or another consulted them," he said. "A number of them, I am still waiting to consult."

Marvelous! What fun!