Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Vivaldi Discovery

A new Dixit Dominus (his third) of Vivaldi was recently found in a dodgy collection of music, all of which was supposedly by Baldassarre Galuppi. The scholar who found it was going through MSS analyzing hands of copyists when he happened upon a bass line which, he said (in the understated and refined language that befits a musicologist), "yelled Vivaldi at me."
'In terms of sheer musical quality, this is the most important Vivaldi discovery for about 75 years,' says Professor Michael Talbot. 'The new Dixit Dominus outshines the two Dixit Dominus settings by Vivaldi (both of which are likewise in D major) that are already known. Its strongest point is the consistency of its musical inspiration. Its style is that of Vivaldi's late period (roughly, 1730-1741), and it reveals the depth of experience that the composer had by then acquired in the domain of sacred vocal music.'
Find the entire article here. The text of the Dixit is the Latin text of Psalm 109.